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Reference letter examples for friend

Sample Letters. Writing a Strong Reference Letter for a Friend with Samples Use these sample reference letters for a friend as templates for your formal reference letter.

Last updated on January 17th, Need to write a reference letter for a friend?

reference letter examples for friend

When writing a reference letter for a friend, it helps to have a clear understanding of what a letter of reference is, how it should be constructed and what should be included. It should be constructed in a way that is professional and serious, meaning grammar and spelling count.

Any obvious errors will diminish the intended impact of your reference letter. A letter of reference should support the points your friend already included on their application and accompanying cover letter. You should also know the exact purpose of the letter. You certainly don't want to lie or fudge the truth. Speak about what you know of the person.

If, for instance, you're not really sure of their financial status, focus on other positive aspects of their character. While an employer's reference letter would be about a person's work ethic, years of employment, and whether or not they would be rehired, a personal reference is exactly that - it's personal. For this reason, it's typically written by someone that knows the person the letter is about very well. Most people ask a relative or close friend, but sometimes co-workers and neighbors may also be asked, as are teachers.

We worked together for six years at [Name of Company] before he left to return to school to earn a master's degree in business. We also became friends outside of work on a casual level.

During the time I have known [Name of Friend], he has been honest and trustworthy. He is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of him. He is respectful of his superiors and gets along well with his co-workers.

I recall several occasions when [Name of Friend] would stay late to complete a project that had a deadline. During the time we worked together, he was often given additional responsibilities and assumed a leadership role while encouraging others on his team.

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If any additional information is required concerning my association with [Name of Friend], please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

The most common reasons for character references in court are to mitigate sentencing for a crime and for gaining child custody. When writing a character letter for court, the author must remember that the letter is addressed to the presiding officer of the court, and whatever is said must be true. The author must be ready to depose before the court as a character witness.

For court purposes, character references are usually the most successful for first offences or if the defendant is not guilty. The letter need not be written by a very important person in society, but can be written by a friend, wife, colleague, neighbor or a child.

The important aspect of the letter is to provide positive information so that the defendant is not only judged on the basis of his or her crime. We have worked together for the past 5 years as nurses in the [Name of Hospital]. I can confirm that she is careful, considerate, efficient and dedicated to the well-being of others.

She has received several honors for her dedication to her work including Nurse of the Year for three consecutive years. She is well-regarded among all the staff at the hospital as a person of high integrity and honesty. We have been together in several emergency situations, and she has always conducted herself with common sense and compassion.Though a personal letter, the language has to be strictly formal and unnecessary details have to be avoided at all times.

The letter for recommendation might be lengthy or short depending on the nature of the job and the interaction of the writer with a particular company or the authorized person to whom the letter is addressed. However, if the letter is written to an unknown third person then the letter needs to be precise and crisp.

The content might vary according to the subject of the letter but the layout and the format of the letter should be more or less the same.

Do not worry too much while writing a recommendation letter for a friend because the layout and structure are just like a formal letter.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Friend

The letter must contain the introduction of the person who is recommending his friend or co-employee and then he must clearly state the purpose and motive of the letter. Also, the introduction must be as brief as possible. After that, the personal experiences and other things could be written in short paragraphs in order to maintain the flow and structure of the letter.

You may come across many recommendations when you are looking for a letter with a perfect format and structure. There are many samples available on various websites and you can refer those samples if you are not used to writing formal letters. However, do not copy or imitate the content as the reference letter must present your own view of a colleague or friend.

You can analyze the layout, content, and structure of these letters so that you do not miss out on any main points. The letter for recommendation need not be always long and descriptive.

Some job profiles are such that even a small or short recommendation letter might suffice the need of the applicant.

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Short recommendation letters are also written when the writer does not know a person or friend from a long time. From, Bertha Riggs In St. Easthampton TN Subject: Dear Mr. I, Bertha Riggs, would like to recommend Ms. Rita for the post of a waitress at your night club. We worked together in the Miami Beach Club for a few months and Daisy came across as an extremely humble and sincere person. She is bright, friendly and punctual in her work as well.

You can also hire her for her hardworking nature and politeness which I think are the key qualities to be a waitress.

An immigration recommendation letter for a friend is written to attest the character of a friend or colleague who wants to acquire citizenship in another country. It is a critical document for the applicant who wishes to immigrate to a new country and therefore it has to be written carefully.A character reference letter for immigration is a recommendation written on behalf of an immigration applicant.

It can be drafted by a friend, coworker, employer, or family member. Aside from supporting the application and related proceedings, the letter serves to highlight characteristics such as work ethic, morality, and trustworthiness.

It should show a reviewing agent or immigration judge that the person in question is fit to live in the country. When well written, a character reference letter can work in favor of the immigrant. Here, we explore how to draft this letter appropriately.

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In essence, anyone can draft this letter. However, the most impactful recommendations are written by people close to the applicant. Common drafters include a:. Always look for a reputable member of society to recommend you.

They will likely hold more sway with the immigration judge or reviewing agent. This letter is written for a formal audience. Nonetheless, it should contain personal details, such as:. Tell a brief story of why the applicant should be allowed to live in the county and make sure it reads like a personal narrative. When drafting your letter, here are some tips to help you come up with an appropriate message. You want the reader to see your point of view without feeling like they are being forced to.

I gladly recommend them for citizenship in this country. Rudolf for four years through our outreach program. In that time, I have witnessed her kindhearted, respectful, and responsible nature. She is also diligent, accountable, and time-conscious in her work. She is dedicated to the local community and is loved by everyone. I believe that she will be an asset to our New Jersey office.

I feel fortunate to know Jane Rudolf as a coworker and personal friend. I am confident that, should her citizenship application be accepted, she would make an incredible addition to this country. A character reference letter for immigration template contains all the fundamental parts of this formal letter. By following its format, you can create an impactful draft. You can also draw inspiration from the sample provided here.

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A character reference letter for immigration is written to attest to the excellent character of an applicant. It raises their chances of getting a positive response. When drafting this letter, you should add a personal touch and mention the positive qualities of the Subject.

You should also maintain a courteous, optimistic, and professional tone. Finally, make sure you address your letter appropriately for maximum impact.

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Recommendation Letter for a Friend – Format, Sample & Example

Table of Contents. Tips for Writing a Reference Letter for Immigration. Please contact me if you have further questions.A reference letter for a friend can also be described as a character reference letter. The letter can be written by a friend, teacher, priest, neighbor, colleague, or a family member. It can be requested on several occasions such as scholarship application, job application, joining a club or school among others. The letter should be tailored to address the need in question.

It requires the writer to describe how they know the person, for how long and why they think the person is fit for the particular task or position. Over the years I have known him to be reliable, organized and hardworking. I was his teacher for over 5 years. As a student, he was committed and focused on his studies.

reference letter examples for friend

On most occasions, he was among the best top three students. Besides academic excellence, he was disciplined. He has received no disciplinary action for the years I was his teacher. Our principal made him the school captain in his final years.

This demonstrates his leadership abilities. Based on his academic excellence, discipline and leadership qualities, I recommend him for the award of [state the name of the scholarship]. Download Now. Select a few strong points about the person and major on them. Emphasize why you think the person is best for the chance or position. Avoid any negative statements since you want the individual to succeed.

When writing the letter for a friend, get background information on the job or opportunity you are recommending them for. Know the requirements for the specific task.

Try your best to respond to the highlighted requirements for the job. Avoid flattery language, only talk about what you know about the person. The duration you have known them and what makes them suitable for the position. To solidify your recommendation, include an example or two that relate to the strengths of the person you are recommending.

When writing the letter for a friend, remember to include contact information. The relevant authority might want to gather more information about the candidate. Different organizations offer guidelines on how one should submit their applications. Ask your friend on the exact format and mode of submission. You might be required to submit the letter in the form of an email or hard-copy. Also, know whether you will submit as a word document or PDF. Share This!Sample Letters.

When applying for U. This is basically defined by how they measure up to the standards of the average U. Also, character references can be used for an immigrant who may be dealing with removal proceedings as well. Use Appropriate Introductions It's simply not enough to just write a quick, haphazard letter in this case.

The reference letter needs to be strong and include key details in order to be effective. First of all, it needs to have basic information about yourself and explain the relationship between you and the applicant. Explain how you came to know the said applicant. If you hold a respected position in the community, business, or military, be sure you include this important information in the letter. Provide key examples of the applicant's integrity and good character.

Clearly point out the different character traits the applicant has, such as a desire to help other people in need. Next, include details that support that claim with specific details of certain events whether they're past or present, like volunteering their time to feed hungry kids.

If the applicant's petition is denied and may therefore potentially lead to substantial hardship, such as both financial and emotional turmoil, include that information in the letter as well.

Include Other Aspects if Applicable Depending on the applicant's personal situation, it may be a good idea to discuss the applicant's family.

In the U. In order to further provide credibility, make sure that you describe your longtime or frequent contact with the applicant.

If you're a former or current employer of the applicant, offer some background on them in terms of your working relationship, such as where and when they worked for you along with their duties and job title at the time. Include examples that illustrate and positively reflect their work ethic, skills, and integrity. Therefore, be sure to list all your contact information including your phone number, email, and mailing address. Even though it's not absolutely necessary, it's always best to get the letter notarized as this will verify your identity as well as your signature.

My name is [Sender's Name] and it's been a real privilege to know [Friend's Name] for the last 4 years. I consider him a respectable businessman and great friend. I met him just over 4 years ago while working with him in Thailand. Through his generosity and kindness, he willing accommodated me while staying in the country and treated me like family.

He has been patiently waiting a very long time to unite with his lovely wife and three beautiful children. It is a great honor for me to know him and consider it a privilege to be his friend.

Please contact me if you need further information. We taught at the same school and worked side by side as teachers, on special projects for the school such as festival days and saw each other socially as I was invited to her home several times.Do you need to write a reference letter for a friend or acquaintance?

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Below are tips on how to write a character reference for a friend, as well as a sample reference letter, and a template to download.

Along with helping with your layout, examples can show you what kind of content you should include in your document. While examples, templates, and guidelines are a great starting point for your letter, you should always be flexible.

This is an example of a reference letter for a friend. Download the reference letter template compatible with Google Docs and Word Online or see below for a text version. I am writing to you regarding Suzanne Element. I have known Suzanne personally for over ten years, and have always known her to be an organized and responsible individual. I believe that her skills and experience make her an excellent candidate for office manager in your organization.

When I met Suzanne, she had just left an administrative position in a busy Fashion House, where she was responsible for bookkeeping, answering phones, and making appointments. She took such pride in her work there and even developed strategies for making her bookkeeping more organized and efficient. During the time I have known her, Suzanne has been active in our community, serving on the Library Board and the Historical Society.

She has taken many responsible roles in both of these organizations; her contributions include acting as Secretary of the Library Board and heading the Historical Society's Annual Fund Drive. She achieved multiple successes in both of these positions. Much of this had to do with her success in getting and organizing dozens of volunteers. Her passion, combined with her organization, makes her an asset to any organization.

CareerOneStop, " References. Job Searching Job References. Table of Contents Expand. Before You Write the Letter. What to Include in the Letter. Tips for Writing a Reference Letter. Follow the Requester's Guidelines. Reference Letter for a Friend Template. Reference Letter for a Friend Example. Full Bio Follow Linkedin. Follow Twitter. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts.

Read The Balance's editorial policies. Download the Word Template. Business City, Dear Ms. Clement, I am writing to you regarding Suzanne Element.Employers may request applicants to submit letters of recommendation to better assess their character, skills and potential as a new employee in their company.

A variety of acquaintances, including personal friends, can provide this type of reference. If a friend asks you for a personal reference, consider writing a letter that clearly outlines their work ethic, positive character traits and attitude to make your recommendation as effective as possible. In this article, we discuss how to write a recommendation letter for a friend and provide an example to help you begin. A letter of recommendation for a friend, also called a personal reference or a character reference, summarizes your personal experience with the characteristics and skills that qualify them for the position.

Personal reference letters are common additions to applications for candidates who are seeking their first jobs. You might provide a character reference if you have one or more of these relationships with the candidate:. Here are seven steps to consider when writing a personal recommendation for a friend:.

It is important to understand whether your friend is seeking a character reference or a professional recommendation. If they need a professional recommendation, it is best to politely suggest they find someone who can attest to their professional skills, accomplishments and work ethic such as a colleague or former supervisor.

If they are truly in need of a character reference, it is perfectly acceptable to provide one for them if you feel you can write a genuine and enthusiastic letter with specific reasons your friend is the best candidate for the job. Discover whether the role requires independent initiative or relies on teamwork to complete tasks. Before writing your personal recommendation, talk with your friend about their career path and professional goals.

Find out how this new position would help your friend achieve those objectives. At the beginning of your recommendation letter, make your relationship with the candidate clear. Describe the situation by mentioning the event or setting, and identify the role your friend served.

You can then highlight the skills and qualities your friend put into action by outlining the goal and what steps your friend took to achieve it. Be sure to include the results of these actions that showcase their success or development. This example can complement the workplace scenarios your friend details in their resume, cover letter and interview answers.

reference letter examples for friend

You can frame this discussion by mentioning the level where your friend started when you first met. Then, explain the various steps your friend took to improve skills and gain experience over the course of your relationship.

For example, you can discuss the degrees and certifications your friend earned or the volunteer positions they accepted to bolster their personal development. You can provide the best phone number where you can be reached in addition to your email address. This step gives the recipient an opportunity to ask you questions about the candidate. As you write your character reference, you should also consider the following points to ensure your recommendation is as effective as possible:.

Recommendation Letter Format 1. Introduction and statement of recommendation 2.


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